Services we Offer

Full Management means that we take care of your property from beginning to end. We will advise you on pre-lettings requirements, advertise the property, find and reference check to obtain suitable tenants, sign the tenant/s up on the appropriate tenancy agreement, see them into the property, and manage all day-to-day property maintenance and issues arising from the tenancy thereafter.

Let Only refers to residential property and means that we will advise upon pre-letting requirements, advertise your property, obtain and reference suitable tenants and and install them in your property with an Assured Shorthold tenancy. Thereafter you would be responsible for Managing the property and tenancy, up to the point of checking the tenants out at the end of the tenancy. We usually assist both by holding deposits in a suitable Stakeholder account and with check-outs. All deposits are now registered in one of the government authorised schemes required by legislation that came into force in April 2007.

Variations: We are flexible and a number of variations such as Letting and Rent Collection Service are available. Please talk to us for further details.