For Tenants


In General: we will advise you on local amenities and services, and on matters relating to the tenancy, such as contents insurance and your general responsibilities under a tenancy agreement.

Downpayments taken against a rented property are non-refundable. Once a tenancy is set up in a property we manage, we are always available (on an emergency basis out of hours) to assist with problems relating to the tenancy or the property, such as maintenance matters.

Admin Fee: we charge only a one-off fee of £180 (incl.Vat.) for setting up a new tenancy, regardless of how many persons are included on the tenancy agreement. This fee is discounted to £144.00 (incl. Vat.) for persons joining an existing (shared) tenancy.  These fees include the tenancy agreement & the inventory.  Referencing is via Rentshield, who charge a fee of £23.88 per person (includes the Vat) for online referencing.

Check-outs: we endeavour to act as an ‘honest broker’ between the parties at all times. Fair wear and tear is allowed for and should not result in a deduction from your deposit. Deductions normally relate either to cleaning or to damage( beyond fair wear and tear ) caused to the property or furniture

Deposits held by us and are always kept in a separate Stakeholder account. All deposits are registered in a government sponsored scheme as required by legislation that came into force in April 2007. These schemes are designed to protect your deposit against fraudulent loss and to provide an arbitration service in the event of a dispute at the end of the tenancy.